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News 6 anchor Lisa Bell releases her second children’s book

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‘Norman the Gnome has Colorful Friends’ now available online.

Less than a year after releasing her first book, WKMG-TV News 6 anchor Lisa Bell has released her second children's book, "Norman the Gnome has Colorful Friends."

The book centers around Norman the Gnome again and introduces the wonders of gardening and friendship through Norman's colorful friends.

Readers will get to know a beautiful rainbow of characters, from red tomatoes to purple eggplants.

"I wanted to create a series of books that not only introduces kids to vegetables and gardening, but also teaches them about friendship, gratitude, ABCs, numbers, colors and more," said Bell.

After a visit to Leu Gardens in Orlando, Bell planted her own vegetable garden with her young children and the idea for the book series was born.

Bell hopes her books will encourage parents and children to discover the benefits of gardening. From boosting mental, nutritional and physical health to helping the planet, numerous studies show gardening can help cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Embedded in her stories are also messages of inclusiveness, diversity, love and friendship.

Bell's books are currently available at,, the Leu Gardens gift shop, the Discover Downtown information center and several stores in College Park including Good Crowd, Infusion Tea and Gratitude Coffee. They are recommended for children up to 5 years old.

With her children's book series, Bell aims to cultivate the love of gardening and reading among young children.

About the author: Lisa Bell is the evening news anchor at the CBS affiliate in Orlando, WKMG-TV, and mom to two boys, Henry and Graham. She grew up in northern Idaho and graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication. Her broadcasting career spans nearly two decades.


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